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Washroom Supplies & Cleaning Products

Washroom Supplies & Cleaning Products

Hand Towel


23.5cm x 31.25cm

16 x 150 sheets per carton


300 metre x 200mm

6 rolls per carton


100 metre

16 rolls per carton

J.A Woolley & Co has a wide range of hand towel and toilet tissue paper available to suit every situation and budget.  Ranging from the economical to recycled all the way up to deluxe.  Jumbo rolls are also available, along with a selection of dispensers to provide a clean and hygienic workplace. 

Toilet Tissue


2 ply 400 sheet

48 rolls per ctn


2 ply 300M

8 rolls per ctn

JAW R735

2 ply 250 sheet

96 rolls per ctn

Hand Towel Dispensers

Standard Dispenser

Standard enamel dispenser

To suit 100M roll towel

Interleaved Dispenser

Unique moulding dispenses only 1 sheet at a time to drastically reduce wastage

To suit 24 x 24 interleaved hand towel

Centre Pull Dispenser

“Daisy cutter” design at bottom of dispenser to ensure waste is at a minimum

Set the “Daisy” to suit your needs

Side opening for easy access

Suits 200mm x 300M centre pull towel

** A variety of toilet tissue dispensers are available on request.

Hand Cleaners

CITRABRASE hand cleaner is a heavy duty, waterless hand cleaner that contains mild abrasives and citrus oil to easily dissolve and remove ingrained dirts, inks, dyes, paints, grease and many other industrial soils.  Leaves hands clean and fresh.  Available in 500ml, 5L and 20L containers.

PALMSOFT is a pleasantly scented liquid toilet soap, ideal for use in office and public toilet areas.  Suitable for wall dispensers.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

Industrial Cleaners

DEOSAN is an economical and commercial grade disinfectant.  Available in Eucalyptus, Lemon and Pine.  Available in 5L and 20L containers.

MULTICLEAN FLOOR CLEANER is an ammoniated general purpose detergent with high grease cutting power.  It is ideal for catering areas and general industry.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

JIFFY CREAM CLEANER is a non scratch cream cleaner, suitable for porcelain, stainless steel, ceramics, sinks and other hard surfaces.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

SPRAY AND WIPE is exactly that.  Effortlessly cleans and sanitises kitchen, bathroom and lunchroom surfaces.  Good general purpose cleaner.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

GLEAM GLASS CLEANER is an ammoniated, spray on wipe off, window and glass cleaner that leaves a crystal clear finish.  Ideal for glass, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

BUBBLE DETERGENT is a liquid detergent formulated for hand dishwashing and general cleaning.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

AQUASOLVE is a concentrated alkaline detergent cleaner designed to remove stubborn stains such as blood, ink, tobacco stains, grease and oil.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

AURORA is a phosphoric acid based disinfectant detergent, suitable for septic tanks.  This viscous liquid leaves a fresh and clean toilet and washroom.  Available in 5L and 25L containers.

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