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Adhesive Products

Adhesive Products

Self Adhesive Envelopes

Messages available include: Invoice Enclosed, Packing Slip Enclosed, Documents Enclosed, Packing Slip/Invoice and Plain (unprinted).

We can also print these envelopes with your company logo and details to enable a further and practical advertising solution.

Dimensions include:

  • Standard white         150 x 115mm

  • Standard red             165 x 115mm

  • Vertical red VA6        125 x 175mm

  • A4 Plain white          225 x 325mm

  • A4 Plain red              225 x 325mm

Self Adhesive Labels

Supa labels – 75mm x 135mm, permanent adhesive.  Printed black, red and yellow.  Fluoro colours also available.  Messages include: Fragile, Top Load Only, Urgent, Heavy, This Way Up, Do Not Bend, Priority, Glass With Care and Handle With Care.  To-From label is 95mm x 135mm with yellow and black print.  Can also be printed with your company logo and details.

Miscellaneous Labels

J.A Woolley & Co is able to supply a full range of specialised labels in roll form.  From Fragile and Top Load Only, through to Hazardous Goods and Flammable, we can get your message across.  Chemical and moisture resistant, to meet both Australian and International standards.

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