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Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap

Cast Hand Stretch Wrap

Our cast stretch is a strong polyethylene film that provides water resistance and stability during transportation and storage applications.


Available in both black and clear, rolls are 500mm wide and come in 20um and 25um thickness.

Cast Machine Stretch Wrap

For use with pallet wrapping machinery, our machine rolls provide an efficient and effective wrapping solution, as well as providing strength and durability.  Available in both black and clear, in 20um and 25um thickness. Black in 25um only.

Blown Stretch Wrap

Our blown stretch wrap is extra durable and contains a high tack formula to provide a consistent and reliable pallet wrap each and every time.  25um thickness in a 400 metre roll by 500mm wide.  Available in clear.  Made in Australia.

Stretch Wrap Machines

We can supply stretch wrap machines to suit all warehouse environments.  From semi-automatic to full automated.  Benefits include maximised film yield, increased productivity and efficiency.

Bundling Film

Our bundling film is a quality polyethylene film, easy to use and designed for a variety of smaller applications around the warehouse.  Size is 100mm wide x 300m long x 20um.

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