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  • Available widths – 12 & 15mm x 1000M roll

  • Lightweight and flexible

  • Comes in handy dispenser carton



  • High performance strapping for use in semi or fully automatic machines

  • Available widths – 9, 12 and 15mm x 3000M roll

Heavy Duty Black


  • Designed for heavy duty applications

  • Breaking strain of 320-400 kg

  • 15 & 19mm x 1000M roll

  • Handy dispenser box

Polyester (PET)


  • 100% recyclable material

  • High breaking strain

  • Lightweight, strong and flexible

  • Available widths – 12, 15 and 19mm

Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping

Ribbon Wound

  • Smooth well rounded edges for safe use

  • High breaking strain

  • Ideal for heavy duty applications

  • Available widths – 12, 15, 19 and 32mm

Mill/Rope Wound

Seals & Buckles

Seals & Buckles

Seals and buckles to suit all strapping.  Basic poly buckles, perforated PET seals up to heavy duty metal seals for strapping.  JA & Woolley & Co have a complete range to safely secure any application.

Strapping Machines

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines, ranging from affordable semi-automatic units, to fully automatic high tech, ease of use machines.  Our strapping machines will suit 9-16mm strap, as well as having many features to suit your warehousing requirements.

Strapping Dispensers

Strapping Dispensers

Heavy duty mobile dispensers for polypropylene and polyester strapping.

Steel strapping dispensers to suit 12-32mm steel strapping, mill or ribbon wound.  Heavy duty in both static and mobile versions.                                     

Tools For Strapping

Tools For Strapping



Tensioner for 12-19mm PP strapping


Tensioner for 12-19mm steel strapping


Long handle (420mm) PP strapping sealer

      Heat treated

      SLH-12 for 12mm strap

      SLH-16 for 16mm strap

      SLH-19 for 19mm strap thickness up to 0.6mm

Double notched steel strapping sealer

                TS 12 for 12mm steel strap

                TS 16 for 16mm steel strap

                TS 19 for 19mm steel strap


Tensioner for 12-16mm PET strapping

Long handle (420mm) PET strapping sealer

                KNS 12 for 12mm PET strap

                KNS 16 for 16mm PET strap

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